Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday Lunch practice

Another lunch practice (that's 4 practices this week for those counting). About 20 minutes.

1 set of E Phrigyan and cromatic scales, forwards and backwards.
Practiced chords
Practiced "Take It Easy" rhythm guitar
Practiced "Day Tripper" lead guitar - first verse to refrain

I made an effort to slow down my practice this time, and I was able to hit the notes in the scales without making many mistakes.
For "Day Tripper" I was able to go through it several times without screwing it up. I even started trying to figure out the part under the refrain.

Was having some trouble hitting chords today, for some reason. My fingers wouldn't go into the right positions, and kept getting in the way of other strings. Perhaps I need to do some finger stretches in addition to the scales warm-ups, or maybe just more scales.

There's several good hand stretches in Aikido that, once I learn them all the way, I'll probably use to warm up for guitar practice (and probably at my desk job when my hands get tired from all the typing).

Until next time,

--The musishian

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