Friday, November 9, 2007

Excuses, excuses

Good excuses, but still excuses, for not practcing since early this week.

1. Started Aikido.
2. Had to finish a job application and walk it over to HR during my lunch hour, when I would have otherwise tried to practice at lunch.
3. Chose to go out to a Guitar Hero event being run by a local radio station. If you played the game, they would enter you in a trip to London to see Led Zepplin in concert. Free trip to London = coool.
4. Rode the bus to work today, did not have room for my guitar on the bus (well, actually, forgot it).

I still feel like a slacker, though.


Stupid Reality said...

I don't think that someone who lugs their guitar to work so they can practice in their lunch break, could really be considered *slack*.
Do you find it hard to fit everything in? I really only do about four things these days - work, my family, my blog and teaching myself to juggle - and I'm finding it hard to hold that much together...

The musishian said...

Sounds like you are learning to juggle even without the juggling balls :)

Oh yeah, managing everything is pretty hard, and we only have a dog right now--no kids.

That's why I'm trying to find little snippets of time where I can do certain things. Like I'll fold laundry or do dishes before work, play guitar at lunch, that kind of thing.

Though I did whip out the guitar last night and bust out a quick 10 minute practice after my aikido.

That was rather empowering.