Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunchtime practice debriefing

Not only did I practice on Tuesday, I also got about of 20 minutes of practice in at lunch today! Wow, 3 days this week already! Go me!

After only one lunchtime practice, I've decided that I love it. It was a great break in the day, a mood-booster, and, frankly, a way to make practice fun. It's certainly more fun than working...

I did notice that I started out playing much quieter, so as not to disturb any co-workers who were still at their desks for lunch. Which was interesting because it seemed to make me a bit more accurate with my scales. As I got into it, though, I started to get louder, and nobody seemed to notice.

The scales are coming along well--E Phrygian is super-easy for me now. I've also noticed I tend to do scales faster backwards (from high E string to low E string) than forwards. Odd.

I continued to focus on songs, changing from chord to chord, and working on some strumming technique. I also discovered that I had a different Web site bookmarked for guitar help at work then the one I have at home. This site, Guitar Noise, is one I may also check out at home.

Still noticing problems with my playing. Like many things in my life, it's hard for me to slow down. I want to speed up and do the song at the "correct" tempo, but to learn it, I need to go laboriously slowly.

Another thing that tends to get me off track is when I want to sing along with the guitar. A lunchtime practice is good to get me out of this habit because there's no way I'm singing and playing where all my co-workers can hear. That's what Wednesday night Karaoke is for.

All in all, the practice was very good. It was rather relaxing to switch gears during work, and I had plenty of time to practice, eat lunch, and do other things (like surf the 'Net, go for a walk, or, write this blog entry).

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