Monday, October 29, 2007

My first (recorded) practice

I'm either very brave, or very foolish. I've been rocking out for about a month, playing maybe twice a week, and here is my first recorded practice. Listen, if you DARE! Bwahahahaha!

October 29 Practice Approx. 13 minutes.

(this link will take you off-site, FYI. You will need to type in the letters you see in the upper right hand of the screen to prove you are not a robot. Also, this will take a while to upload, so please be patient.)

There is some kind of high-pitched whine on this recording and I don't know why. Sorry, folks. I shall apply noise reduction next time.

My typical practice schedule includes: tuning check, scales, chords, songs, songs by ear--includes melodies, riffs, and chords. Takes me somewhere between 10-20 minutes.

A more detailed summary of today's practice follows.

Tuning check
Chromatic Scale
E Phrygian Scale
G major
C major
D major
E minor
A minor
D minor
A major
Random Riff- In the Afterlife by Squirrel Nut Zippers
Take it Easy by The Eagles

The lack of practice meant that I had to look up chords more than usual. I tried to cut out the dead air as much as possible.

I'll probably record and upload my practices once a month or so, to check my progress. For the future, I'll keep the uploads to 5 minutes or less. I'll pull out the best bits of what I did, or if there was something terribly interesting or instructive during practice. Listening to 15 minutes of crappy practice is unarguably painful, I know.

My hope is that there will be a clear and consistent progress and improvement on my part, and, eventually, this can be used as a resource and motivation for those just starting out. I will get better, and so will you out there who practice a little bit every day. I hope that my short-term embarrassment will be educational, somehow.


Anonymous said...


This link works much, much better. I down loaded it < 30 sec. The other web site was a P of S.


The musishian said...

Glad to hear it. Yeah, the difference between Megaupload and Mediafire is crystal clear just from their site designs.

But, the big question is, what did you think of my practice?