Sunday, September 16, 2007

Zing! Went the strings of my guitar

I tried, and utterly failed, to successfully change my guitar strings today. I spent an hour and a half carefully unwinding, threading, and winding, and when it came time to tune my guitar, my high E string snapped. Again. (the high E snapping was the reason I was changing the strings in the first place).

First off, diagrams on how to change strings are piss-poor. I'm not the kind of person who can learn something much more complicated than a chord chart from text and/or a diagram. Those exercise routines in fitness magazines drive me nuts, because I can never grok what the routine is supposed to look like in the 25 words and two pictures they provide.

It looks like the guitar itself has these brackets towards the headstock, which are tightened in place with an Allen wrench. But the brackets prevent one from actually tuning the guitar properly. So here I am, trying to tune up my high E string, and it's not getting any higher in pitch because of this stupid design flaw. Just as I'm thinking to myself, "I'm putting tension on the string--why isn't the pitch increasing?" It breaks on me. Joy.

Will work more on this later in the week. I had to stop for the day or else I'd be out of a guitar, Pete-Townsend style.

grr. aargh.

On a bright note: I did some pretty nice scales last night. Did a C major scale very, very well, and decided to try to play Ode to Joy by ear. I'm seeing progress in my playing, which is very motivating. It just makes me even angrier that my hardware (and my ability to manage said hardware) is flaking out on me.

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